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Vaastu for bedroom

Post  RITUBALA-Astrologer on Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:37 am

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom :
The best place to have the bedroom is in the south west (nairuthi) or south and the west. But at no cost the bed room should never be built in the northeast (or Eshan ) corner, we should try to avoid making the bed rooms at the east or north directions too. If the house owner has occupies the bedroom built in north, northeast or east directions then it will not be good for the house owner’s health and the financial matter.

It is best for the house owner to sleep in the Southwest room and in case not possible then he should occupy the South bed room or West bed room, if the owner has occupied at these southwest corner bedroom, or south bedroom, or at west bedroom then his position will raise day by day, his works will go smooth. His financial position will rise. His words will have some attraction. He has the capability of maintaining his family members or his staff. He will have the authority and good relations with his family members.

People, who make their bedrooms in southeast (agneya) direction or towards eastern direction, suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and short temper. The owner sleeping in northwest (or vayavya) bed rooms suffers from instability, financial losses, unnecessary headaches in their working areas i.e., his office, shop, lodge or hotels, factories etc.
Bedroom Vastu is most important for us, as after a hectic day routine we come here and relax .So we must keep in mind the following things in our bedroom which will bring marital bliss and sweeten the family relation.
One must consult a vastu consultant before keeping things in the bedroom.

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